What can a graphic designer bring to your company?


If you want to generate a positive impact on your potential clients, a professional graphic designer should be one of your main allies as he/she will be in charge of your business image.

A graphic designer is a key figure for the marketing of any brand and business, as they will help you project the essence of your company. A good design professional will evoke emotions and captivate your potential customers. Differentiate yourself from the competitors with the services of a quality graphic designer.

Advantages of having a graphic designer

Graphic designers are communicators capable of creating new concepts and solutions, as well as designing or strengthening corporate identity. In that sense, a graphic designer will be of great use if you want to:

  1. Attract the attention of your target audience: a designer is capable of creating attractive images that allow you to catch the eye of your potential clients and differentiate yourself from your competitors.
  2. Have an irresistible presentation: this is indispensable for any company that sells products since the consumer will have to choose your product among a wide range of similar offers.
  3. Create a brand: a well thought-out brand is one that is capable of showing the values and philosophy of your company, and the graphic designer is an expert in this matter.
  4. Increase your sales: attracting the attention of your potential clients in the market translates into increasing the probabilities of achieving more sales.
  5. Trust and loyalty: the design has to be focused not only on capturing your client’s attention, but also on keeping it. And this is only possible with a professional designer.

What can a graphic designer offer you?

A graphic designer can offer you all the above benefits, applying various marketing and communication strategies.

The main services I offer to my clients are:

Corporate Identity

I help you to design your brand or the image of your company from scratch, or to strengthen it if it needs a boost. I also restyle and update brands that do not want to lose their essence but want to renew their image.

Graphic design

Graphic design allows you to take advantage of visual communications aimed at conveying specific messages to your potential customers, to capture their attention in the first place, and then to sell them your products or services.

Packaging design

Packaging design is the design or presentation given to your product, its packaging. Whether they are boxes, bags, glass or plastic jars. The objective is to differentiate yourself from the competition in just tenths of a second, which is the time it takes for a consumer to make a choice when faced with a shelf full of products similar to the one you sell.

Editorial design

Editorial design is the type of graphic design dedicated to the layout and composition of publications, such as magazines, newspapers or books aimed at different types of public.

Web design

The web design service is focused on developing websites such as websites with information about your company, online shops, websites with an appointment booking option, content blogs or landings pages for special campaigns. One of the main services within web design is the design and development of e-commerce or online shops: a website that allows your visitor to buy your products.

Mobile application design

Mobile apps are an excellent digital strategy to visualise and facilitate your online sales. The mobile application design service includes the development of apps for Android and iOs operating systems.

Web marketing

The web marketing service will help you increase sales of your products or services in the digital environment. Internet advertising, social networks, SEO positioning… everything you need to promote your website and your products or services.

Extended reality

The extended reality service will help you transform your perception of the world, combining virtual, augmented and mixed reality to create unique immersive experiences. It elevates your design, visual communication, heritage reconstruction and digitisation projects, opening up new possibilities for interaction and learning in a digitally enriched environment.

Now that you know all the services offered by a graphic designer and the benefits they can offer you, don’t wait any longer and contact me. Transform your brand and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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