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Packaging design

Transform your product with unique and attractive packaging. Make it stand out from the competition and improve your sales.

Packaging design is about creating an image for your products that is linked to your corporate identity and provides a differentiating value compared to the competition. In fact, it is through packaging design and label design that your business makes the first contact with consumers so that they will buy it.

What is packaging design?

Packaging design is the technical activity responsible for the presentation of a product. It is a professional and creative work to design the packaging of a product, which is attractive to the potential customer and, at the same time, is consistent with the brand image and corporate identity.

Packaging design involves everything related to the image of the packaging, wrapping and label of a product that is put on sale in the market.

As part of the product sales and distribution process, it is important to consider a unique and original packaging design as part of the corporate identity. Since it represents the information channel for the customer about the product, the first objective is to catch the consumers’ attention.

In short, we can say that packaging design protects, contains, informs, orients and advertises a given product. This is done in conjunction with the client’s ideas in order to convey a clear message that strengthens the company’s brand and at the same time is attractive to the consumer.

Throughout this creative process, a design expert intervenes to channel ideas, define a proposal and develop a plan of action to achieve a satisfactory final product.

Packaging design pillars

When entering the world of packaging design, three fundamental pillars or foundations are taken into account. These are:

  • Design trends. The main factor that a packaging design must have is that a priori it is attractive to the eyes of the potential customer and can attract their attention on a shelf full of other options. Differentiating yourself from the rest is one of the keys to good design.
  • Consumer experience. The intention is that the end consumer has a good experience with the product packaging and that it is a very pleasant experience to open and use this item.
  • Sustainability. Ideally, each design should be based on green and environmentally friendly proposals. In other words, opt for recyclable materials and reusable or refillable packaging. Nowadays, having a committed packaging design is a wise choice when it comes to highlighting the brand’s image.

Packaging types

In packaging design, we must take into account certain characteristics that go beyond attracting consumers or customers. Therefore, three types of packaging can be listed according to their function:

  • Primary packaging: packaging that remains in direct contact with the product. For example, a perfume bottle.
  • Secondary packaging: this is all the packaging that protects the product. Following the previous example, this is represented by the cardboard box containing the perfume.
  • Tertiary packaging: refers to boxes for storage and transport of products in quantity.

Materials used in packaging design

The main considerations for packaging design are the sector in which the product is to be found and its use. The composition of the article, whether liquid or solid, must also be taken into account. Also, it will depend on the size, shape and density, as well as who the commercial presentation of the product is aimed at. That is, whether it is for everyday use, for exclusive use or for professional use.

Therefore, we can highlight the five most common materials for packaging or wrapping products. These are:

  • paper and cardboard
  • glass or crystal
  • aluminium
  • plastics
  • thermoplastic

What other aspects should I take into account when designing packaging?

Firstly, it is necessary to consider the brand and logo of the company, as well as the colour and graphic style that identifies it. This, with the intention that the packaging design or label design is closely related to the company that produces the product.

The packaging of the product must also be taken into account when designing the information about what you want to sell. For this reason, it is essential to receive advice on the choice of the type of packaging. That is to say, to adequately display and distribute information on ingredients, usefulness, instructions for use and origin, among others.

In addition, having this professional advice will allow you to choose the right packaging to reach the end consumer with an intact presentation. Therefore, we must consider aspects related to the form of distribution and type of transport to be used. Likewise, we must study the storage of the product and the legal aspects involved in the packaging design process.

Finally, elements such as colours and shapes have to be taken into account, which can attract the consumer to a greater or lesser extent. Therefore, certain marketing criteria are established in order to generate public responses based on certain graphic aspects.

Benefits of packaging design

There really are many benefits to be gained from hiring an expert for packaging design. The aim is to build a professional image of your company and to generate consumer confidence.

Among the many benefits of packaging design, we can highlight the following:

  • It allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Consumers will be able to identify and recognise you easily.
  • Create a more trustworthy brand.
  • Attract customers to buy the product through the presentation.
  • Long-lasting consumer loyalty.
  • Product protection and intact preservation from the manufacturer to the end consumer.
  • Increase perceived value with the choice of material to be used.
  • Provide a pleasurable consumer experience.

Achieving good packaging design goes hand in hand with the communication process with the customer. To this end, we study and develop characteristics and models in accordance with your brand, adapting each idea within a professional and aesthetic framework.

Finally, the ideal is to develop a proposal for packaging design and label design where a customised project can be built. It must be able to capture attention, offer valuable information with product attributes, maintaining an aesthetic concept and at the same time, protect the product.

If you are looking for a packaging design for your products, contact me to analyse your proposal.