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The progress of the digital era has led to the majority of content being consumed through electronic devices. In this context, mobile phones are the absolute leaders in consumption, ahead of tablets and smart watches.
Smartphones or mobile phones have offered endless opportunities for companies, such as the possibility of reinforcing their corporate identity through mobile applications or apps.

Deploying a good strategy through these tools not only helps to consolidate the brand’s image, but also helps to gain credibility and authority with potential customers.

Corporate identity in app design

The term corporate identity refers to all the visual and physical elements that represent or showcase a brand. In more general terms, we can say that corporate identity helps to distinguish one brand from another. The logo, the colour palette, the objectives, the values and even the slogan are just some of the elements that make up this concept.

As you know, it is difficult to think of great brands without imagining a symbol or a characteristic that identifies them. This is because the human brain works under associative stimuli that combine with each other to remember information in a simple way. Therefore, it is very common that when we think of the most popular soft drink in the world we remember the colour of its packaging, its shape or its peculiar typography.

There is no doubt that working on your corporate identity is one of the main objectives that an emerging brand or company must fulfil. Mobile applications are one of the best tools to help you achieve this goal.

In general, they are usually divided between Android apps and iOS apps. While they do not change in terms of how they work, apps are designed to adapt to the different devices that consumers have.

It is essential that, when faced with the idea of designing a mobile app for a company, companies hire the services of trained professionals and specialists in app design. In this way, we ensure that these mobile applications not only enhance the brand and the identity of the company, but also provide a good user experience.

Advantages of mobile app design

It is easy for brands to be recognised in the market when due importance is given to design and the strengthening of corporate identity as a prior step to advertising strategies.

It’s not about making complex designs, but one that captures the essence of each brand. Technology gives you the tools to do this easily, simply, efficiently and quickly. Herein lies the importance of custom mobile app development.

Furthermore, if we focus on these aspects, we can highlight some advantages for the company of having a customised mobile app.

One of the main advantages of having a fully customised mobile app design is that you have an exclusive digital space for your business, as you have total freedom to create and add corporate information. From adding the location of the establishment, establishing direct contacts, carrying out dynamics for customers or promoting offers. Having a personalised app offers endless opportunities for brands and companies.

Another advantage is that this tool can generate revenue for the company: by having its own portal for mobile devices in a specific sector, it will be capturing the attention of the public in a channel other than the web or social networks.

When you strengthen your company’s corporate identity you can achieve several objectives at the same time. Other advantages of using mobile applications are:

  • Increased sales through increased and positive brand exposure.
  • Good identity management reflects professionalism and organisation.
  • People are much more likely to recommend or speak positively about your brand because of the favourable impression they receive.

Why have an app for your company

Strengthening corporate identity does not happen overnight. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account to ensure that the user’s perception of the company is positive.

The design of mobile apps must be in line with the company’s corporate identity and in line with other elements of the company’s image, such as the website, social media presence, packaging or graphic design.

That’s why my recommendation is to hire an app developer with a proven track record and experience in mobile app design. In addition, the brand values must be fully present in the design of the mobile apps and the general aspects such as the name, the slogan or even the colours must convey a message.

To achieve better results it is important to devise, evaluate, correct, and re-evaluate. Professional advice is essential to strengthen the corporate identity of your company. The aesthetics, the harmony between colours and shapes, the written content or the order in the presentation of the elements are some of the aspects to consider.

Apps make your brand visible and it is absolutely necessary that they are designed and developed professionally. An expert designer in mobile apps can offer you the right application, either for the iOS or Android system and enhanced with a marketing strategy that makes the brand or the company visible.

Mobile apps to strengthen your corporate identity are much more necessary than they seem. Using them correctly can mean the difference between remaining anonymous or turning your company name into a very popular brand.

If you want to design an app for your company or brand, please contact me. I will be happy to help you.