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In recent years, the way we do advertising and marketing has changed considerably. Today it is unthinkable not to take into account the largest global data traffic channel: the Internet.

In this way, web marketing has become a key discipline for companies and brands that want to position themselves digitally. But how can web marketing help?

What is web marketing?

Also known as online or digital marketing, web marketing is the set of commercial strategies and actions carried out through the Internet. This form of advertising appeared in the 1990s, since before this decade marketing was only offline.

One of the main advantages of web marketing is that it encompasses all kinds of actions (from images, videos, podcasts, texts…) to reach a specific audience, specifically selected according to behaviour, characteristics or interests. All this is done with the mission of increasing sales, getting more customers and improving the company’s reputation on the Internet.

In addition, web marketing offers the possibility of reaching remote places, and even crossing territorial barriers, finding customers in places that were previously unthinkable because it was impossible to access them. Today, it is estimated that more than 5 billion people in the world have a mobile device and most of them have an Internet connection. In short, web marketing is now the most cost-effective, efficient and accurate way to reach customers all over the world.

Corporate identity and web marketing

As you can imagine, both the business world and the digital ecosystem are highly competitive sectors, and even more so when they come together. This is where the concept of corporate identity comes into play, which is the process and series of factors that differentiate a brand from its competitors.

Letting your potential customers know who you are because of their experience with your product, or because of how popular it is, significantly defines the growth of a company.

Among the basic factors that stand out to achieve a good corporate identity are the following:

  • Company name: It is the easiest way for your clients to differentiate you from the rest and talk about your services.
  • Logotype: It refers to the symbolic aspect of your brand, this usually goes to the user’s subconscious, who later remembers and associates it.
  • Typography: Also known as font or letter style, typography is essential as it shows a differentiating and unique aspect with respect to the competition.
  • Colour palette: As you know, colours reflect emotions, so they should be chosen according to the visions and objectives of the brand.

Web marketing to strengthen your corporate identity

Some of the most important aspects of corporate identity are the graphic design of the logo and brand, web design and editorial design, but we cannot forget the management of the brand on the Internet. Web marketing encompasses everything from publications on social networks to SEO positioning, including content for blogs or advertising on the main search engines.

Knowing the concepts of digital marketing and a brand’s corporate identity, it is a fact that the two are connected, and are almost dependent on each other. However, here are some of the ways in which having knowledge in this area could help to take your company’s image to the next level:

Internet advertising

With web marketing professionals to help you manage your strategies, you can get the most out of online advertising. Whether it’s through search engine advertising, promoting your own space on websites or through Social Ads, betting on Internet advertising is synonymous with increasing your online sales.

Presence in social networks

Good digital marketing often calls for action and provides feedback. So getting your image out there through web marketing can also help you engage in conversations with your potential customers to keep them interested and get them to buy your product or service. Being on the social networks where your audience is will help you sell your product or service to your ideal audience.

Search Engine Optimisation

The main search channels when we are interested in a specific product or service are Google, Yahoo or Bing, which are the main search engines. Working on the terms of your website to achieve the best positions in the search results is the objective of SEO. A web marketing action necessary to attract quality traffic to your website and make your customer find you in the infinite world of possibilities offered by the Internet.

Email marketing

Another of the tools that work best in web marketing are customer loyalty actions through email marketing campaigns. This involves sending frequent newsletters to your database with offers, promotions or news to keep your customer always informed and increase the average purchase ticket. Email marketing is one of the most profitable digital marketing actions that exist today.

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