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Every company needs to carry out communication actions, both internally (for its employees, suppliers or customers) and externally (to the general public). We can say that business communication is key to transmit and convey the values, objectives, philosophy and, above all, what makes a company different from others. Communication is, undoubtedly, one of the best options for driving positive change in the company, improving employee relations and increasing customer engagement.

Communication is constantly evolving, as it must adapt not only to the particular needs of companies over time, but also to the new communication channels and forms of communication that emerge year after year. Newspapers, radio, television, digital newspapers and social networks are some of the most important communication channels nowadays, but we should not forget billboards, street furniture, posters, brochures and flyers, which are also channels for communicating a company’s message.

It is very important to stress that for business communication to be functional, it is essential to develop good communication strategies. A good business communication plan should describe the values that characterise organisations and their techniques for handling certain situations. Leveraging all communication formats is one of the secrets to drive businesses to success. Let’s talk about them.

Corporate communication strategies

Communication should be a priority for any company, as it is an excellent tool for boosting profits and realising all objectives. It is necessary to bear in mind that, good business communication should not only focus on issuing relevant information, but also on the way in which it is transmitted and the channel in which it is present.

Each company must structure its own strategy for expressing all information about the business. Brochures, posters and infographics are some of the options when it comes to business communication. Making use of the right resources, at the right time, can make the difference between targeted workers and uninformed employees.

Therefore, some of the formats for establishing good business communication are:


It is one of the most used resources by companies when they want their potential customers to receive some communication. Most brochures display photographs with the aim of making an impact on the public, but it is not only the images that are important. The graphic design should be eye-catching and in line with the company’s image, as it should capture the readers’ attention and encourage them to read the content and, ultimately, to take action with the products or services offered by the company.


Billboards are a type of advertisement that many companies use for the purpose of displaying and disseminating information. It can be said that is one of the most recommended resources, thanks to its effectiveness in displaying information and its low cost. With a billboard made by a professional designer, companies can more easily influence the consumer. Corporate billboards can be for information purposes or to encourage potential customers to make a purchase of a product or service.

Graphic images

Graphic images for events are those designs that are made for a specific event and then applied to brochures, posters, social networks or the event’s website, among others. They must be images that attract the public’s attention and at the same time convey the essence and the main characteristics of the event at a glance.

The design of the graphic image of an event includes not only creativity but also its application to different media and channels so that it adapts to each of the formats. Thus, in a poster the image includes less information and more visual impact, in a brochure more details are given and in an image for social networks text and image are combined to attract the user’s attention in just a few seconds.

The graphic image project for an event takes into account the different formats and channels to offer a 360º graphic image.

Functions of corporate communication

If corporate communication within a corporation is carried out properly, the values, successes and philosophy of the company can be conveyed both internally and externally. However, this is not the only function that stands out, as there are others that also form part of corporate communication. These are listed below.


Motivation is one of the main reasons for companies to develop business communication strategies. Whether brochures, posters or graphic images, information should always motivate those who consume the content.
In internal business communication, for example, companies will be able to achieve a more pleasant working environment in which workers feel listened to and more at ease with the company. In addition to boosting pride in belonging to a brand aligned with their values.

Improving interaction

Of course, another important function of good internal business communication is related to interactions. If companies have a business communication plan in place, they can communicate updates, promotions and news to their employees, suppliers or customers. Moreover, being able to clarify doubts and provide the necessary resources for better communication between staff can save a lot of time and reduce misunderstandings.

Increasing the flow of information

Another reason why a business communication plan is a good idea is because of the effectiveness of communicating information from the inside out. Getting used to communicating and doing so frequently and transparently is always a plus for any company. Nowadays, with social networks, companies need to communicate constantly in order to adapt to new times and new consumer demands. Using attractive posters, images and messages can be an effective strategy to reach both your potential customers and your employees, thus helping to strengthen your presence and connection with your target audience.

If you are looking for a graphic designer specialised in corporate communication, contact me and let’s find a way to enhance your communication strategy and present it in an original and attractive way for your potential costumer.