Corporazione Sarda Coltellinai

Corporazione Sarda Coltellinai

Design and development of the website of a Sardinian handicraft association.

The website design and development project for the Corporazione Sarda Coltellinai is an attractive idea that seeks to preserve and promote the rich tradition of the Sardinian handmade knife. The Corporazione Sarda Coltellinai is lovingly dedicated to the protection and preservation of this ancient craft, and its new website will play a crucial role in spreading its mission and promoting Sardinian master craftsmen.

The website design is inspired by the traditional aesthetics of the island of Sardinia, using colours and visual elements that evoke the beauty and authenticity of the region. Navigation is very intuitive, allowing visitors to explore the history of Sardinian knives, meet the craftsmen behind these masterpieces and discover the different styles and manufacturing techniques.