El Sitio de mi Recreo

Recreatevlc, S.L.U.

Restyling of the design and development of an online shop selling women’s clothing

El Sitio de mi Recreo’s online shop and brand restyling project represents an exciting transformation for the Valencia-based women’s clothing retailer. In a market as competitive as fashion, maintaining a fresh and attractive image is essential to stand out and appeal to a diverse and constantly evolving clientele.

The process began with a thorough analysis of the brand, its competitors and current trends in the fashion industry. Areas for improvement were identified and new goals were set for the brand image. Navigation was improved, product organisation was improved and new functionalities were implemented to enhance the user experience. Adapting the platform to mobile devices became a priority, allowing customers to access and purchase products quickly and easily from anywhere.

Online shop for women’s clothing

Immerse yourself in a world of style and convenience by browsing the El Sitio de mi Recreo online women’s clothing shop. What makes this platform exceptional? It is built on the robust Prestashop foundation, offering a seamless and secure shopping experience.

In addition, the shop is completely self-manageable. This means that it is possible to constantly update the catalogue, adding the latest trends and exclusive promotions. So customers always find something new and exciting when they visit the online shop.

At El Sitio de mi Recreo, quality and customer service go hand in hand. With Prestashop, you are guaranteed a secure platform to browse, choose and buy fashion garments with total confidence and convenience.