Zafferano Cortis

Paolo Cortis
2004 - 2024

Brand design, web design and development and packaging design for saffron producer company

Zafferano Cortis is a young company dedicated to the production and marketing of saffron and other agricultural products.

The brand design, packaging design and web design and development have been carried out.

The soul of Zafferano Cortis is Ivan, a lifelong friend with a passion for saffron. Since he started his activity several years ago, he has always given a lot of importance to packaging design and in general to the corporate image of the company.

The image of Zafferano Cortis has evolved over time to what it is today. A brand that aims to communicate the high quality of its products.

The brand design is inspired by the shape of the saffron flower. The fiery red colour is taken from the colour of the stigmas.

Since its beginnings, Zafferano Cortis has wanted to invest in packaging design to differentiate itself from the competition and communicate the high quality of its products. A minimalist, modern and elegant image has been studied.

The packaging design of the saffron in stigmas, a higher quality product, has been applied to a cardboard box containing a glass jar with saffron.

The saffron powder is packaged in a paper box, which is presented in a display stand at the point of sale.

The Zafferano Cortis website has a customised web design and has been developed on the WordPress CMS.

It consists of different parts: presentation of the company, its history, the territory of production, what is saffron, how it is produced, how it is used, the products, the online shop, the points of sale and contact.

It is a website with a responsive design, so the layout adapts to different screen sizes to improve usability on all devices (computers, tablets and mobiles).