Sanluri 1400

Personal project

Virtual recreation of the fortified town of Sanluri in Sardinia during 1400 AD.

The 3D virtual recreation project of the fortified town of Sanluri in Sardinia circa 1400 AD is an ambitious endeavour that combines history, archaeology and technology to revive a crucial period in the history of this Sardinian town.

The first phase of the project involved the review of historical texts, old cartography and records to understand the original layout of the town in the 15th century, allowing for an accurate reconstruction of the topography and architecture of Sanluri at that time. This was followed by sketching, the creation of the main buildings, fortification and housing layout, culminating in the rendering process.

The Sanluri virtual recreation project offers a window into the past, allowing visitors to explore and understand life in a fortified town in the 15th century. This initiative represents an impressive fusion of history, archaeology and technology, shedding light on Sanluri’s past in an engaging and educational way.